Andrés Navarro

“My favourite spot in Palma is the Plaça de la Drassana”

Andrés Navarro is a 38-year-old Mallorcan who works in the healthcare sector. He likes travelling and enjoying good food, always accompanied by a good wine. One of his passions is reading. He is also a runner and a fan of photography thanks to Instagram.

What does photography mean for you?
For me, photography is a form of expression: depicting a mood, a place, a moment or a situation in which you can convey any type of feeling that takes you to that place without having been there, or that makes you go and visit it. Photography is a personal look at what you have around you.

What is it that excites you most about this hobby/profession?
Looking for that moment, waiting for it to happen and being able to capture that picture. In my photos I always try to include a person, an object, something that characterises me so that anyone who sees it can say “I’d recognise that photo as yours out of a whole heap of pictures.” In fact, that’s a comment that a follower made about one of the photos in my Instagram gallery.

What do your photos say about you? And what’s behind them?
My everyday life, being somewhere, anywhere, and capturing that instant that I’m living.

What do you most like photographing?
It’s hard to say. I like photographing everything I see around me. All the pictures in my gallery are taken with a mobile phone, which makes it easy for me to capture any moment.

Why have you chosen Instagram as a communication platform?
Because it’s a way of “travelling” around the world, of “visiting” places that aren’t in the guidebooks, of sharing moments… In Instagram you don’t compete to take the best photo, you just share. It’s a platform where people can give you tips about visiting a city, and what’s more, you can get to know people like in any other social network.

Why do you think it’s important for the citizens to participate in the Palma 365 competition? How would you encourage them to take part?
Because it’s a way of getting to know your city better, of looking at those little details that you normally don’t see, of stopping for a moment to contemplate what you’re going to photograph and to enjoy it.

Three seasons, three plans. What suggestions would you recommend making to people who visit Palma during the winter, spring and autumn?
In winter, strolling around the old town. In spring, taking a guided visit of the “Route of the Courtyards of Palma”. And in the autumn, walking around the Born, to the Plaça de la Reina, the Jardins de s’Hort del Rei, and finishing up in the Parc del Mar to admire the Cathedral from there.

And if you had to choose one corner in Palma above all the rest, what would it be?
The Plaça de la Drassana.

If a friend from somewhere else told you they were planning a trip to Palma, what would you tell them not to miss for the world?
A tour of the city’s Modernist buildings: the Gran Hotel, the Casa de les Mitjes, the Casa Forteza-Rey, Can Casasayas and the Pensión Menorquina. And the one that, for me, is without a doubt the most captivating: Can Barceló.

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