Dani Nuñez

“It’s a good opportunity to give our opinion about how we’d like to promote Palma.”

Daniel Núñez is a young man of 24 who loves photography and tries to share “interesting photos” with a different perspective on things. Some years ago he began to experiment with Instagram, taking photos only very sporadically. And without realising it, he suddenly had a reflex camera in his backpack, searching around the streets of Palma looking for things to photograph.

What does photography mean for you?
For me it’s inspiration. I like to think, to be inspired by something, to take the picture and then enjoy the end result.

What is it that excites you most about this hobby/profession?
What I find exciting is the moment of taking the photo; the inspiration, and then the result. A mixture of those things is thrilling, because I think behind every photograph there’s a moment of inspiration.

What do your photos say about you? And what’s behind them?
I think they show a bit of my personality, because through them I often try to convey a state of mind.

What do you most like photographing?
What I like most are sunsets, that instant when the day turns to night. For me it’s a magical moment.

Why have you chosen Instagram as a communication platform?
Because I think it’s the ideal platform for sharing my hobby, which in this case is photography, since that’s the basis of the social network.

Why do you think it’s important for the citizens to participate in the Palma 365 competition? How would you encourage them to take part?
Palma has been chosen as the best city in the world to live in, and a lot of people who don’t know it would ask themselves “Why Palma?” I think it’s a very good opportunity for those of us who live here to do our part and show with our photos of the city how nice it is to live in Palma, and to give our opinion about how we’d like to promote the city.

Three seasons, three plans. What suggestions would you recommend making to people who visit Palma during the winter, spring and autumn?
Without a doubt, in winter I’d recommend seeing the city’s festivities, the correfoc and the revetlla of Sant Sebastià. In spring, it would be ideal to see the Easter processions, which are also culture and tradition. And in the autumn, doing a bit of hiking and walking to the lookout points of Palma to admire the landscape.

And if you had to choose one single corner in Palma above all the rest, what would it be?
I’d choose Es Baluard, a very peaceful place that also has a stupendous view of the Cathedral of Mallorca.

If a friend from somewhere else told you they were planning a trip to Palma, what would you tell them not to miss for the world?
In Palma there are always things to do, but the main thing would be to do a tour of the old town to get to know the city’s history.

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