Jaume Tomas

“Each person can contribute a different and unique vision of the same corner of the city. Palma has a lot to show, and we have a lot to discover.”

Jaume Tomàs is a music teacher who lives in Mallorca, and from the moment he acquired his reflex camera he knew that photography was a passion for him. With it, every day he discovers something new: landscapes, buildings, animals...

What does photography mean for you?
Photography for me is a way of observing. It’s a tool that I use to try to reflect my vision of things.

What is it that excites you most about this hobby/profession?
Trying to contribute a different point of view. I like to think, to wait for a picture and succeed in capturing it.

What do your photos say about you? And what’s behind them?
I look for unique and beautiful moments. I wander around the streets of the villages and the city searching for a moment or a special composition.

What do you most like photographing?
I like nature, landscapes and the city.

Why have you chosen Instagram as a communication platform?
Because it’s very immediate and easy to use, and you can reach a lot of people, because it’s an application for mobiles.

Why do you think it’s important for the citizens to participate in the Palma 365 competition? How would you encourage them to take part?
Because each person can contribute a different and unique vision of the same corner or panorama of the city, its people, and so on. I think Palma has a lot to show, and we have a lot to discover. I’d encourage everyone, tourists and residents, to take part, because Palma is a lovely city and it has a different light at every moment of the day. It’s a challenge to find that light that captivates us, to play with the shadows to emphasise an element that draws our attention, to play with reflections and people in photographs, to capture movement in the city...

Three seasons, three plans. What suggestions would you recommend making to people who visit Palma during the winter, spring and autumn?
In winter I love walking through Establiments when the almond trees are in blossom; in spring, walking up to the Bellver Castle and strolling around it surroundings; and in the autumn, walking around the city centre, the Cathedral, the Rambla...

And if you had to choose one single corner in Palma above all the rest, what would it be?
The old town of the city.

If a friend from somewhere else told you they were planning a trip to Palma, what would you tell them not to miss for the world?
The centre of the city is a marvel.

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