Laura Moragues

“Any corner of Palma is a good place to be photographed, but the pretty alleyways and the inner courtyards are well worth a visit.”

Laura Moragues is a Mallorcan teacher who loves her land. She defines herself as a “night bird” and she lives “camera in hand.” She is also a lover of “pretty things,” of animals, of the summer, of watermelons and palm trees. She’s a tireless traveller who likes little details and big hugs. She prefers the beach to the mountains, always, and she proclaims herself an archenemy of the cold. She’s the number one fan of “Dormingos,” “sleepy Sundays.” Quick to laugh, she needs dark chocolate and a good soundtrack to feel alive.

What does photography mean for you?** **
For me, photography consists in capturing moments and places to relive them whenever you want.

What is it that excites you most about this hobby/profession?
The many things that a photo can convey to you.

What do your photos say about you? And what’s behind them?
My tastes, my interests and a little of my surroundings and my everyday life.

What do you most like photographing?
I always tend to combine people with landscapes that attract me in one way or another. But I also love the spontaneity of photography, and I think any photo is good if the moment is worth the effort.

Why have you chosen Instagram as a communication platform?
I think it’s the best platform nowadays for all of us who like to express ourselves in a more visual way.

Why do you think it’s important for the citizens to participate in the Palma 365 competition? How would you encourage them to take part?
It’s always important to know that a city like Palma, so lively and cosmopolitan, still has a lot of special, magical corners that are capable of surprising us. And there’s nobody better qualified to show it to us than its own people, and there’s no better way of doing it than through photography.

Three seasons, three plans. What suggestions would you recommend making to people who visit Palma during the winter, spring and autumn?
In winter, strolling along the Passeig del Born to see the Christmas lights and enjoy a good hot chocolate in Can Joan de s’Aigo. In spring, cycling along the Passeig Marítim and the Parc del Mar to reach El Portitxol, making a stop at any of the terraces with sea views along the way. And in the autumn, going to an exhibition in Es Baluard, strolling around the old town or going shopping in the city centre.

And if you had to choose one single corner in Palma above all the rest, what would it be?
No doubt at all: the Parc del Mar, in front of the Cathedral. It’s a stunning view that never fails to surprise me, by day or by night.

If a friend from somewhere else told you they were planning a trip to Palma, what would you tell them not to miss for the world?
Regardless of the season of the year, there are always things that you have to see, like the Cathedral, the Almudaina, the path between the Cathedral and the Plaça de Cort, the Bellver Castle, the old town, the Passeig del Born. And, of course, you must never forget to try our delicious food!

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