Susan Ros

"The light in Palma has something that can't be described in words. Get out there, search for it and then tell me."

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I’m Susan Ros. When people ask me for a little description of myself, I love saying that I’m from a small island and perhaps that’s the reason why I’d be happy living underwater. I can’t imagine living without travelling, without flowers, without music or without the sea. Ah! My sea...

I adore spending hours underwater with my old Nikon analogue camera. I think it’s been the best present I’ve ever given myself in my entire life.

What inspires me are the little daily details of life, the routine, lights and shadows, flowers, the sea and its stories, the old trinkets that cry out for a second lease of life, but more than anything, the woman’s body.

Perhaps that’s why I am inclined to be a lover of analogue photography. I always carry an old camera and film in my handbag or rucksack. You never know where you’ll find your next photo...

I would define my photography as: natural light, with a nostalgic touch and that has something to say.

Artificial light doesn’t do anything for me. And if a photo doesn’t have anything to say, it’s not photography, rather just simply a picture.

When did you discover photography? Did you think you would end up working in this area?

I discovered photography at home when I was tiny. My dad always loved flirting with it, but he never let me touch his camera. He said that was a boys’ thing. It wasn’t till my twenties when I said that photography was calling me and I had to answer its call. But it was in 2013 when I started to shoot pictures and since then I haven’t stopped and I don’t plan on doing so. I can’t imagine my life without it.

I never thought I could be a photographer but I always fantasised that would day I would be. I asked the Universe for it and voilà! Be careful what you ask for, it actually happens!

What do you like most about this profession?

What I really like is the freedom to speak my own language. Working in something that I’m passionate about and spending hours and not feeling as though I spend my life doing something I don’t love. Thinking about what my next photo will be. And that it makes people’s hearts flutter when they see my photos, even if it’s just a little bit. If I manage to move you with any of my photos, then it would have been worth it.

How would you describe your style in three words?

My style: natural light, with a pinch of nostalgia and that has something to say.

Is there a particular project/photo that stands out in your mind which you are especially proud of?

I feel proud of the photography that I am going to do tomorrow.

Social networks have brought photography closer to the general public, what do you think about this?

I love that photography has become closer to people thanks to social networks, the only thing I don’t like is that it has prostituted this profession. Now everyone is a photographer, when photography is so much more than clicking on a camera or phone. Everyone is able to see but not to look. I wish the respect it deserves it given back to it. But apart from that, I’m happy that something so magical for me as photography reaches so many people in the world.

Why do you think it’s important for citizens to take part in the Palma365 competition? How would you encourage them to take part?

I believe that taking part will make then travel around their own city without the need to leave the island. They will be able to fall in love with their city because they will discover the small details that we ignore because we live here and we go around on automatic pilot 24 hours a day. They will have to stop to look beyond the typical tourist postcard and find beauty where other people only see nothing.

Have you got any professional advice for the participants in the Palma365 competition?

That they look beyond what the majority of people would look at, that they go and search and get lost in the streets and they capture their essence in the photos.

People say that the light in Mallorca (and therefore the light in Palma as well) is magic. Do you agree? Why?

The light in Palma has something that can't be described in words. Get out there, search for it and then tell me.

Palma is lively in summer, but also during the rest of the year, what would you recommend people who come in winter, spring and autumn to do?

That people get lost in its streets, its cafés, that they enjoy the lights and shadows that they wouldn’t find in the summer. That they go for a swim in the sea although they freeze to death. That sea has got something that even in winter embraces you. That they listen to what the city has to tell them when the millions of flip flop-wearing summer tourists have left.

If you had to choose one corner of Palma, which one would you go for?

One on my spots is my beloved Flexas bar. Times stands still there, just laughs, lights that infatuate you and croquettes that are out of this world.

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