Every year almost five million tourists visit Palma attracted by a cosmopolitan city that is a mixture of millenary cultures with an enviable climate, factors which, among others, make it a unique place. But what are those experiences that make our city such a special place that so many people want to return to?

At the end of 2015 the Palma de Mallorca 365 Tourism Foundation and the Palma City Council set in motion the 1st Palma 365 Photo Competition, with the aim of showing the most authentic and real Palma by way of pictures that would meet certain minimum requirements of quality in technical terms and above all would portray this city that we love and that is one of the best places in the world to live and enjoy life. We wanted to capture all those small, particular visions, the little stories told by those of us who live here or those who visit us, and that make this city something grand and beautiful – in brief, to show and share Palma with the rest of the world from that more subjective and personal point of view.

This initiative, articulated by way of the competition that lasted for two months, had the support of a network of Instagrammers of recognised prestige and quality in their work. Ten young professionals keen on photography were selected, who became the ambassadors of the Palma 365 Competition and so of our city.

The result of all this project, which we plan to continue throughout the year 2017, is presented in this website in the form of images, experiences and sensations: 571 participants and more than 1,990 photos organised into five different categories (Gastronomy, Sports, Culture, Shopping, Live Palma) that sum up not only the life but also the emotions of those who live in and love the city.



Palma’s “Passion for Culture” is reflected in its historical monuments, from the Cathedral – the jewel in the Balearic crown – to the Bellver Castle, by way of the Almudaina Palace and the city’s art galleries, teeming with talent.

We also live culture when we stroll around the labyrinth of streets of the city’s historic centre, packed with examples of traditional typical architecture, or when we enjoy one of the many concerts of all musical styles, when we visit museums like Es Baluard or take part in popular festivities and traditions.

All of these things, and many more, have their place in a photo of Palma’s culture.


The first and most accessible stop for many sports lovers is the lane for cyclists and skaters that runs all along the Bay of Palma and through the city centre. It is also the perfect place for strolling and enjoying the sunrise and sunset beside the Mediterranean.

Palma’s coastal waters are not limited only to the activity of sailing, the star sport of the high season in the city. All year round it is customary to see surfers, windsurfers and divers enjoying Palma’s excellent climate. Lovers of water sports rush to the city’s five beaches to give free rein to their passion.

But it is not only on the sea and on two wheels that we can live Palma’s “Passion for Sport.” Every season of the year the city fills with runners who take part in the various races and marathons that are organised all through the year. The most important, without a doubt, is the Palma de Mallorca Marathon, held in October.

This passion for sport, as you can see, extends beyond the sea and fills all the city. The final stretch is illuminated by the floodlights of the football stadium of the Real Club Deportivo Mallorca, which stages matches on alternate weekends between September and March.

All of these things, and many more, have their place in a photo of Palma’s sports.


Palma’s “Passion for Gastronomy” leads our visitors along a culinary route of the city, from the small tapas bars to the most sophisticated restaurants.

Every year the capital of the Balearic Islands stages the gastronomic event TaPalma, with various routes connecting the participating restaurants, giving the visitors an ideal excuse for enjoying a walk that combines tourism and gastronomy.

But the concept of “gastronomic tourism” is not limited to this event alone. A dozen bars of Palma’s old town compose the “Martian Route,” a tour of tapas bars which takes place every Tuesday (martes in Spanish, dimarts in Catalan), in which the tapas and drinks cost a maximum of €2.

Llonguet sandwiches in the winter sun, the busy, youthful atmosphere of the municipal markets… All of these things, and many more, have their place in a photo of Palma’s gastronomy.


Palma’s “Passion for Shopping” leads us to explore the small independent shops located in many of the streets of its old town. You can find everything here, from clothing designed and made locally along with the leading brands of Mallorca, or large stores and first-class commercial centres.

Going shopping and filling your senalla (basket) with local products in some of the city’s markets, breathing in the atmosphere of the main shopping streets… All of these things, and many more, have their place in a photo of Palma’s shopping.


This is a different category, which aims to encourage the participants to take a step forward. There are many reasons for visiting the city, and “Vive Palma!” means taking photos that reveal experiences, situations and moments that sum up the lifestyle of the capital of the Balearic Islands.

Photographs that tell a story, an anecdote, an experience, all the fun and excitement of the city ... All of these things, and many more, have their place in a photo of what it means to live in Palma.


Any self-respecting destination has its own ambassador. Well, Palma has not one, but ten!

Get to know them all.

Ambassadors 2016


Palma is advancing firmly towards its goal of consolidating itself as an urban destination of reference 365 days a year.

This was the reason for the creation of the Palma de Mallorca 365 Tourism Foundation (FTPM365), the body responsible for the exterior promotion of the city and that strives to make the capital of Mallorca a tourist destination of international interest during all the months of the year.

One of the tasks of the FTPM365 is to create and disseminate promotional material on the city and the services Palma offers as a tourist destination, with the ultimate aim attracting new visitors. This material is based fundamentally on pictures and photographs of the city that are inserted into posters, leaflets and other graphic creations.

The special feature, this time, is that the FTPM365 wanted it to be the citizens of Palma or the people who have visited us during their holidays who would portray the city they lived day after day. Photos of people for people; photos of citizens and visitors for future travellers.

This 1st Official Palma 365 Photo Competition, organised by the Palma de Mallorca 365 Tourism Foundation with the support of its patrons and collaborators, was an example of this.

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